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What is a slab leak and why should any homeowner be concerned with it?

First off, a slab refers to the concrete pad or foundation that many of the Orange County homes were built on. When your home was built, the hot & cold water piping, drain lines and such, were run through the slab and up to each fixture: sink, toilet, shower, etc.

So far so good, right?

What’s been happening is that over time, tiny pinholes are being formed in the copper piping in the slab, and in the walls and ceilings.

These small leaks can happen, undiscovered behind walls, or even in the slab foundation that you walk over every day. Have you ever walked barefoot over wooden floors or tiles and found them unusually warm?

When a hot water pipes beneath the floor, get a slab leak, hot water fills the spaces just below the surface and begin to warm up the tiles or wooden floors.

This could be the cause behind water or gas bills that suddenly go up! It will also be the cause of considerable damage to your property, if not corrected quickly.

What to do?

You have several options.

Call in an expert, and isolate that leak in the slab. Jack-hammer the foundation concrete until the leak is exposed. Then repair the pipe.

Sounds a little scary, I know, but it is fairly common and often covered by insurance companies.

Option Two: isolate the leak and section of piping running to that area. Then re-route or bypass this section of piping. This option replaces the piping in the slab with piping being run in walls and/or attic. This only addresses that one area.

This is an effective and less expensive alternative.

A full house repipe is your third and arguably the best solution. With either of the above two options, there is a chance that a 2nd and 3rd repair will have to be done. With a full house repipe, your entire hot & cold system has been replaced, so no more repairs.

So, which option should I choose?

Option Two can be done for a reasonable price and in 1-2 days. Call us at 877-789-7786 and we’ll give you a free estimate.

The whole house repipe is what we recommend. Unfortunately, slab leaks are like kittens, in that they rarely come one at a time. If you have had one repair done, based on our experience in the OC, a second repair will be needed as well.

A total repipe is the most cost effective solution. Call Ameri-Cal at 877-789-7786 and we’ll listen, answer your questions and provide you with the option that best suits your needs.

We’ll pull permits and get our work inspected
Most repipes are done in 1 day
We’ll patch and texture the holes we make
All work guaranteed with a lifetime warranty



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