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Slab Leak Detection

What’s a slab leak, and more importantly, how do we find them?

Tracking down a slab leak in your home, isn’t as difficult as you might think.

The problem with most slab leaks in Orange County, however – is that you can’t see them! They’re hidden in the concrete foundations beneath your homes – called a slab.

The key to tracking down a slab leak is knowing what to look for.

Hot spots on your wooden or tile floors.

While making your way, barefooted, to the coffee machine first thing in the morning, have you noticed that the floors are nice and warm? If you have, and you didn’t install ‘Radiant Heating,’ then you may have a problem. Hot spots are caused when small pinholes leaks develop in the copper piping running through your slab foundations. The water pools, heating the surface directly above it.

Rising water bills.

If you’re like most of us, water bills are not something we generally spend a lot of time looking over. But if the monthly amount is going up, and relatives haven’t moved in, then the cause may be pinhole slab leaks.


Not those appearing before your eyes, but water spots appearing on ceilings or near baseboards. The old saying is that Water seeks its own level, and it’s true. Water will find a way to keep moving. When it comes in contact with drywall, the wallboard will act like a sponge and absorb the water, creating visible water spots.

Looks for these telltale signs. Does your home have them!

If you see them call Ameri-Cal at 877-789-7786.

We’ll bring out the right person, the right equipment, and 15 years of leak detecting experience, throughout Orange County.

Once we determine if you have a slab leak or not, we’ll review your options.

We can repair only the leak
We can install a bypass or re-route of that section of piping that’s leaking
Or Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing can do a whole house repipe, and eliminate all possible recurrence of the problem

We’ll guide you to the right solution. Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing At 877-789-7786



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